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Our Platform

Prospective Customers who wish to test the ASET application may submit an application email by selecting the REQUEST TRIAL menu and downloading the ASET PLATFORM below.

Financial and Investment Consulting

We believe in our capability to provide business and investment solutions to generate maximum competitive edge and return. The assistance we provide includes assessment of the Customers’ finance, mapping of financial goals and strategy formulation for the fulfillment of the pre-determined financial goal, as well as the conduct of periodical reviews.

PT Artha Sekuritas Indonesia will provide the analysis and strategy for the development of investment portfolio, the generation of the desired return and the solution for risk mitigation concerning the investment products selected by the Customer.

Our financial and investment consulting services include :

Business Information Collection :


Consulting for local and multinational companies, whether concerning personal or corporate interests.


Recommendations on potential sales and marketing based on the market trends as well as investigations for the success of your investment.